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Would anybody like his school to be located between hills, in a cool lush green valley; away from the hustle-bustle of the city; no din, just the cool breeze and the mountain river? Welcome to NERIST (a.k.a. North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology). Right in the foot-hills of eastern Himalayan range, in valley of Dikrong River, near Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

NERIST was founded in Feb 1984 as the premier technical institute for the seven sisters (states) of north-east India The first batch of students joined the institute in 1986 in the brand new campus at Itanagar, to major in various faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences. How about an aerial view of the campus?

The Institute follows an innovative curriculum to generate technical manpower at different levels. Students admitted after matriculation (10th grade) go through three modules of two years (four semesters) each. After completion of each module the student is awarded certificate, diploma and degree in the faculty of engineering or applied sciences respectively. There are also graduate and doctoral programs in engineering and basic sciences. The modular system provides flexibility to other students with proper qualifications to join the module of their choice.

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