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Day one

A few timid faces, fingers crossed, shaky legs, eyes tensed …..that was what we were on day one. It was D-day when we joined this miniature niche called NERIST. Everything seemed fierce and depressing—seniors, dark gloomy rooms and even hostel cooks. Yet, it was our zeal and enthusiasm, which made us transform them into Bhaiyas, paradise and five star chefs respectively. There has been no looking back since.

Like birds with new feathers, out of their nests, to face the world outside with preying eagles (called seniors) and friendly doves (batch mates) and weird pedagogues (called teachers) we were having our first taste of freedom. A lot changed since then. We developed beaks, plumes, wings and eventually… claws. We dared to fly high and high, defying relativistic mechanics and entered the quirky, quantum word. Hopes and aspirations brewed and here we are—the gang called veterans.

Today we have come a long way—gained and lost a lot. We lost one of our beloved friends—Darlong (Forestry ’95) when had poised for the future. But, time is the best healer. All we can do is standup and pray for his eternal peace.

All this time, you must be guessing as to who we are! Know us? Well you must have seen a couple of bullying us and sitting and hooting at ant that passes by. We are omnipresent, omnipotent, ominous and of course omnivores (we even bite humans) you will find us in Nirjuli market (Baidoe’s, Sada’s, Mama’s and Nitya’s), Chhagal Choumani, G-block.(???) and any place you can think of. ( do not be too imaginative. We don’t mind anyway!)

Looking back, we were 95 in number when we joined NERIST. And then, gradually we swelled in number. We were the first to be introduced to absolute grading and we re audacious enough to sit for hunger strike (gulping biscuits secretly) on the very first month against the system. We were also the last batch to have witnessed Minor1, Minor2 and Majors and classes till 4’o clock in the evening. We also had an uniform midday break from 12.20 P.M. to 1.30 P.M. We had classed of 50 minutes duration and now, all of these has changed. Oops even we have changed!

We also witnessed the first NEE-II entrants in our batch. We were excited about the new additions. Boys wanted more girls, and girls wanted TDH guys (95 has a scarcity!!)

We have seen things grow from trees to buildings population to infra structure. When we first arrived, Nirjuli did not even have a PCO- forget cyber cafes. But now, Nirjuli accounts to be the second largest in monetary transactions in the state. What an irony! We the first class of the millennium( class of 2001) have a range of varied, unique creatures and specimens. We the veterans of TWO had been working for the last four years to catalogue these specimens under the various headings. But unfortunately we are still scratching our heads(one of us has even lost his hair!!!) pardon us for missing out on the lucky ones

Day two

High folks! We are here to tell you more about us! Life was not a cakewalk over the six years. We had ups and downs and topsies and turvies till we reached where we are today.

When we were to jump up the CGPA barrier to reach the conduction band of degree module, we lost a couple of our friends, who could not reach the other side with us. We had fought for the inevitable, but in vain. Our batch has been a fighter in the true sense of the word. We fought against the experiment called the absolute grading system, and even over organizing RACAF and were successful in both. After all, fighter hamesha jeet-ta hai.

When we were on the other side, we had friends, already waiting for us. They are termed ‘laterals’ in colloquial. Our batch proved an exception here, too. We abridged the gap of two immiscible races called ‘laterals’ & ‘verticals’. We embraced each other as if we knew each other for ages. Now we call all of us the ’95 batch. Three cheers to us! Hip! Hip! Hurray!

Now, dear batch mates, all of you who had been giggling over what we wrote about others, we have surprises in store for you too. Remember, the wise ones practice "Malice for one and all" religiously.

To name a few, we drive nails only in the following coffins.

Sanyukta Singh or popularly "Motti" for the ’95 guys. The (40"-32"-42") girl never dared to wear jeans (Sanyukta, do they market jeans of your size ??). After 1st semester, she was termed cylinder by her seniors. This all saved the EC’95 guys from further humiliation for the next five years. Sanyukta devours on chats and eggs, but the result, she has to run to bathroom on a regular basis (often 5 times a day). She only dared to cook once, the ambrosia was a custard and the only victim to be fed forcefully was Jishu. Jishu still has nightmares and often has to resort to sleeping pills. Sanyukta is a heartthrob for many and Pallab tops the list with repots of a "RAKSHAS BIBAHA" at the Patna station on the 2nd of January ‘2k. Sanyukta also had a date lunch with Amit Singh that turned out sour. Sanyukta also had a bhaiya at Block C, who occasionally gave her gifts and cards. Sanyukta, kya baat hai yaar??

Pallab, or more popularly, ‘Madna’ or ‘Pallu’ for the girls of his class is imported straight from Uganda. Pallab is invisible at night and has plans sticking to Padmaja (hum saath sath hai). But, unfortunately he fell for Sanyukta, and on receiving a cold shoulder from her succumbed to the charms of Smriti. Pallab was bold in his first attempt but had a 180 deg phase shift with Smriti. He was so shy that even refused to talk to her at Navodaya picnic. He on failure claimed Smriti to be his cousin. Pallab! Bahen se biwi suna tha, par biwi se bahen ……. Kabhi nehin??

Kalyan: He is the cash crisis manager for the guys of Block E2 - Only, person who has a Bank balance. He is like an oasis to thirsty traveler. But behind that thrifty character lies a soft heart, which sometimes beats, and last time it was palpating for Monolina. Biplab was devastated to hear that but managed some how. Kalyan never spoke a word, trusting that every thing has a right time. " Aare yaar!" Tumhare paas time hi to nehi hai. Aab to apni dilki ki baat bata do…. Mona, are you there??

" Chota baccha jaan ke humse na takrana re." This is what Biplab was in his first year. Blessed by his didi Shampa Nagin(’94) and he developed skills in all respects. Biplab fell for Mona(’97), but he fell too low to save his love. Once boozed he transforms into "President" and the result "kamur" for one and all for Block-E. He wants to become the Prime Minister of India (Nivedita may be you will find a comrade in arms after a decade or two).

Aseii, the tomboy in the town is known be the omnivore of Block-G. Reportedly, the stray cats and dogs in and around Block-G have vanished into thin air (or ….). We guess it must have got something to do with her. She has been the lucky one to get a feminine boyfriend (Azhali) vis--vis her masculinity.

Purabi, the greatest copycat of all, is known to keep all notes to herself even in the examination hall to add to her confidence has a lot of features to talk of. Firstly, when she joined NERIST she claimed to be married to Anil. After which she dropped the idea and took to some one (or many) else and finally landed up with Milo. She has already realized many of her future plans with him. May his soul and _____ rest in peace? But, all sympathies for her ailment that crops up only during exams.

Ajay is only one short of being a perfect Casanova. He probably holds the record for number of changed girl friends. He has proved wrong the theory that a man can at-best have simultaneous affairs with eight girls, in his case it was ten at a time, when he was at his best. Ajay was careful at NERIST and only made passes at Jaya and his latest heartthrob is Netu Tiwari. He has a strange ailment of getting skin allergy when boozed. When he drinks, he drinks to the brim and the whole Block E has to forgo their sleep. Ajay’s pursuit for his lady loves has resulted in his typical likes for feminine clothes and when he fits to transvestitism his block mates forget all other girls and draws pleasure from him.

Rupak or "Boss" for us has always two words on his mouth "Baal Kela". He is an ardent cricket fan and once broke his arm pursuing the game. He is remarkable in encountering Padmaja and all of us recall the words " Kabhi dum khaya hai, nehi to aaj khayoge". Rupak went for Keya and even gave a big bash for his success (!!) But later he had to be content with only the relation "mama". Rupak, now a days he finds solace in his books.

Kitousieu, the timid looking girl, has been economical about the sounds coming through her vocal cords. She limits herself to five sentences with girls and five words with guys a day.

Sandipan or Block E’s "Dracula", came to the lime light after his attention with Rupak regarding Keya. After the Keya misadventure his eyes fall on Rashmi. He had plans to give his birthday treat on the bus in which Rashmi was due to travel, but all turned haywire as Rashmi switched buses and all the chocolates were devoured by the wolfs of ’95. Sandy be careful next time. Sandi’s only girlfriend at present is his "Caliber" at home.

Debu or Debasish, kamur for his Block mates. He is always frustrated with his exams be it well or vis--vis. He is rumored to sleep five inches above his bed while dreaming God knows of him. The first thing he does is to wrap a towel around and run for bathroom. His roomy Pranay always complains of pain in his butt**ks and we could only conclude of the fits of somnambulism that Debu suffers after his fantasies. Pranay- " kab tujhe kattha khane ka ji karega??" Debu had a soft corner for Keya but was bogged down by heavy competition and settled down dreaming of Sushmita Saha (‘2k). Debu, best of luck.

Aditi the one with Cinderella shoes is all WEIRDNESS personified. She has the habit of "spoon feeding" herself, be it any party, picnic or even the Girls Hostel mess. She was the talk of the town with "Nice Blue Nail polish" for quiet sometime. She pounced upon Raja at the first sight and has experimented all martial arts and atrocities (even worst than what MOSSAD does) on him. She has been the profounder of two associations:

    1. ASHA (Association of Students Humiliated by Aditi), the members being Asitabh, Sahay and V.P.
    2. ASTHA (Association of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Aditi), the only member being Raja.

Raja has been sooo...... frustrated that he has developed his beard owing to scarcity of time, thanx to her demanding nature.

V.P Singh, this guy has all along been the president of ASHA (Association of Students Humiliated by Aditi). Poor guy, now he is not even sure of his own sex. Old woman milkman and girls, he played characters of both sex. Of late unsure of his prospects of being married to a girl. This Mahaskaktimaan has been on dieting and now is reduced to all bones and brains

All brawns no brains, general Jeram as he is fondly called by his block mates, believes firmly in the dictum," Wine and woman are to be grabbed, not waited for". He plays Hitler both in his hostel and in his branch. After his castles in air built on Daisy crashed, he was left with nothing but his old time and all time favorite …. ". Apung Baido". By the way Jeram, why are you attracted to Lalthani ??.

Silent killer Krishna Gopal is still searching for his sweetheart. He went to Bangalore in search of her; he looked in Manipur and, now, is busy searching her in his dreams in his new room. He plays his heart out on his guitar. Hey you, why do you search the entire world when she is in NERIST?? And his old roommate, Chitrasen now deserted by his faithful roommate is eyeing Sushilatha, and says he will propose to her one day or the other.

Sujeet Chandra the guy unfortunately born in the wrong sex. Wherever he got a chance he has proved so whether it is in the second year Go as you like or the final years mega-taal. His feminine characters has worked wonders for him as well as for his Block mates (please don’t take it otherwise). The Mech. guy has the wits to excel in any field of his like with feminine features. Best of luck for the future.

Jennie, the unnoticed is also no less. She agrees"Jiska koi nehi hota ,uska Deka Hota hai".

Jaiswal came to the fore front of our batch with his pet dialogue "sale jhandu chu***", then came a letter from his dad which took him to stardom, the letter read,"Priye beta, asha karta hun ki tum nange ho, hum saab sah parivar nage hai……". He was the "Baniya" of the batch always believed in lending money, never in spending until he was overpowered by the charms of Deepali Gogoi. He was even heard saying " yaar shadi karunga to usi se, aur kisi se nahin". He was even seen toning up his body every evening for her.

Mallika the chachi of 42 inch has a heart as big as her. She can accommodate Rajiv, Gopal, Kalita etc. into it. She has been the selfless giant with a shoulder for everyone to cry upon. NERIST rendered heavy losses when she boarded the tractor that broke during her lessons. All of you who do not believe us may check out the pit in front of NERIST entrance. Thanx to her leisurely strolls.

Rinya, the admired of many with her rosy cheeks and dimpled chin has grey side to her too. She made the best use of all these during her industrial tour as well as her overall stay in NERIST. She hooked guys ranging from Raj, Kathing and finally settled with Huto.

D. Sahay- the "dhanno" of our batch tried his hands in whatever he could get at the first sight. He first was trying his luck with Aditi, but when he was badly humiliated by her he fell for Barnali, but by the time he could materialize his love Pal ruined his dream. Presently, he is eyeing the chicks of 2k & trying whatever he can do to impress them starting from formals to Mega-tall, drama and what not.

Ashitava Pal – the frustrated joker of our batch. He succumbed to the charms of Daisy. What not has he done to impress her starting from a night out in the RKM to his PH-5100 lectures in the library but only daisy knows what went wrong. Pal, finally settled in the charms of Raja chap. Even he became an undisputed leader in the supplies of ______ books and photographs. He is believed to be the editor in chief of "mastram". He has also taken up as a projest to mastermind the newer version of "".

Hope you enjoyed the 20 KV shock!! Yet, we didn’t get our "kick". We will be back with a BIG BANG, and 120 KV tomorrow. We promise to leave no one, so those of you who assume yourself to be lucky, rein your horses & …sit tight.

Day three

Time flew by. Before we realized, we were the heroes and villains of many exploits and adventures both infamous and famous. We made many blunders, learnt from some and overlooked others. But, incorrigible as we are, we are back to square one.

Many of us gained culinary skills at Baidos or at our hostels. We got onto martial arts, gambling (Jhandi Munda), drinking, smoking, and even Vitamin K (khaini). We were attached and yet detached and that is what kept us ticking even in hardships. We were a cooperative lot, be it exams, assignments or even mar-peet. We knew each of us inside out. And i.e. how we, the wiser veterans could explain our lot.

We now focus on a few unfortunate ones who have been in the limelight for quiet some time now.

"Chharum na kela ………", these are the favorite words of Joydip. What has he not tried? From Sumitra to Sanjukta Das(Doggy) for a movie date. But all in vain and drain.The little Salman of ‘Chandni Raat’ fame has only one taboo and that is beef. He has all plans to settle down in Arunachal as his favorite food is Bamboo-Shoot with anything (?!!). He is the Raja of his two Ranis, Sanjukta and Urbashi. Eh Raja ata kya?

Gaju –de –ban alias Favio alias Anirban boldest of all ’95 guys, as he was courageous enough to try his luck with Sampan Nagin (’94) in the very first year. He threatens Atanu Choudhury’s claim the greatest Dhopist. His weaknesses include bikes (350 cc and above) and he always ends up servicing the bike and himself thanx to his crash landing. His victims include Sandy and A.C. Clandestine reports say, he conspired to eliminate A.C for Purbhasha.

Tribeni’s only motto in life is to eat, eat until you faint and then eat. She studies to eat; reward: a packet of biscuits if she studies till 8:00 p.m., a pack if she studies till 9:00 p.m. and a date with Shivaji if she can stretch it till 10:00 p.m. When they go together, they depict the reason and result of a famine. Nevertheless, she is a devoted girl friend who even washes Shivaji’s (under)garments.

Pranay and Aparna – The only thing that gives him shivers is her smile (Hai, main sadke janwa). Eve teasers consult him for new ways and means. And Pranay always comes out with new innovations. Pranay always falls in and out of love when he faces Aparna in and around the NERIST road divider. Aparna, keep note!

Atanu Biswas alias Nivea alias Bichi is the best critic of all! He comments on each and every hoi polloi that concerns him. Psychologically, his perfect match is Sabita (’99) and he has his eyes set on her. Surasen, his roommate, is awakened almost regularly in the wee hours of morning by the moans and the groans (Aapna Haath Jagannath).

Dharamvir, ardent proponent of Adharma never misses a mythological serial and enjoys the goddesses clad in bikinis and envies their actor Gods. He professes to be Ba(aa)l bramhachari but succumbs on the first sight of the fairer sex. He is actively lobying for the lead role in the X-rated movie to be directed by Jishu. God bless the actresses but latest report says that Keya has become a part and parcel of his daily ablutions.

Atanu Chaudhury (A.C) is the perfect Dhopist. But he is a duck with Purbasha. He is sometimes Shahrukh, sometimes Nana and of late Hritik- all for you, Purbasha. The only lie detector, which works on him, is ‘Babar Kira’. We all recall his words ‘Aamar Phate’. He has broken Sandy’s record not taking bath for over a month.

Rohit the red radish is the baby of our batch. You will see him change colors from white to pink in front of the girls and makes sure he has a bath after talking to them. Girls are banned from his home and he talks to them from a distance of 10 feet and even refuses mass bunking because ………’Papa Marenge’.

The baby Gorilla is none other than Kaushik D(K)utta. He has experimented with everything from Vivekananda’s teachings to Baido’s Apung and of course, XXX movies. Kaushik was a hot favorite as a roommate when in Block E, lakhs were earned and millions were lost in transactions involving him. The gainer was Amrit and losers were Kamlesh, A.C, Debi, Sandy, Jishu, ……… But, Kaushik not sated with his commission, left Block E for greener pastures.

Sujit, (Block B) speaks only English when drunk. He has inhuman strength and goes to any extent to traumatize his victims: all Block Bians, A.C and Jishu. But he tries to escape from the sights of Raka (oori baba). All Block Bians are planning to install a snap of Raka in their rooms’ to mellow him down.

Kuheli is the only spring in the dry Sahara (called’95 Mech.). Before she joined it was barren and after she joined it was devastated (poor souls!). But, Mech. guys (Sujit, Hillol and Phukan) kept her spirits up by lining up in front of her. After all, something is better than nothing.

The EC guys are lucky as they have five glamorous damsels and the Mech. guys have always envied their lucky EC neighbors.

Hillol went after Aditi but was confused with the gender. But now, he blesses the (un)lucky Raja for saving his life. He now finds solace in his guitar.

" Koi dawa kaam na aaya

koi dua kaam na aaya

Sirf is guitar ne hi saath nibhaya".

Phukan, the heartthrob of many, has his eyes on Ravita Mili who ran away with a better. Atanu nowadays finds his roommate more attractive. What a transformation.

The queen bee Daisy(Main aur mere diwane) has stung the drones(Jishu, Asitabh, Pinku and now Bhidhan).Her wheat flour complexion & voluptuous figure hammered the nails in their coffins. Asitabh retired to "MADIRA SANYAS" whereas Pinku runs home to his mothers lap more frequently. ‘INSHALLAH’. A more frustrated Jishu has consoled himself –better luck next time. Bhidhan has become a pucca joru ka gulam and does not even dare to sneeze without her permission.

Bhidhan alias bhikhari(before may 2000) and Mr tiptop(after july ‘2000). has of late developed the habit of refusing ciggerates & drinks(what’s that) in front of his SOMA(RAS) However , nowadays, he is busy feeding his lady love. DOST GAAYE TEL LENE


Kya re, Bidhan , We exist!!

Philips the taciturn guy can tell you what was in the 3rd line of 4th page of TOI(times of India ), 3 years ago. But he has so many shocks in his life and lab that the poor guy now dreads even to fix a bulb. He fantasizes XXX stories narrated by his roommate and eyes Dipali. Are Jaiswal and Krishnakant listening?

Pranav the human slug, takes an hour even to shit. He has experimented with everything from apung to bamboo shoots ,biris to Marlboro, and firmly believes in the dictum -Mother India biri a day keeps the doctor away. He even eyes Padmaja whom he fondly calls ‘jamuni’.

Nabhakumar, he was born with a silicon chip. This guy can tinker with anything under the sun and come out with flying colours. There’s a block F saying , "Nabha can speak only two languages C and C++ and can operate only(ONLY J ) under LINUX" He has golden sada for his breakfast, and Raja for his dinner.

Ashutosh was a born member of RSS. He believes firmly that Godse is the father of our nation. After his adventure with Ranjan in summer, he is actively planning for a place in NERIST cricket team. He is the best customer of X-rated movies and is at ease watching them from the last bench. Anshu’s favorite shloke is "main Antu, Mantu, Jhantu, ….".

Deepali leads the shoal with her stocks of highly non-veg jokes, which she doesn’t hesitate to crack in front of anyone. She has spared no one, not even teachers (Parthajit ’92). She neither says NO nor YES to guys. Guys beware!

Gopinadh, the timid looking guy fantasizes with almost every girl of NERIST. He enjoys going around Girls Hostel on pretext of visiting his cousin’s house. He ogles at Arunima and his main motto is to have WIVES in every nook and corner of India.

Dilip Pandey the Black Gold of our batch started by being an obedient class attending boy. But since than what has he not done, apart from having love bouts on the phone with Amrita Tiwari with a peg of Old Monk. He had nourished the dream of marrying her, but his dreams were shattered by Semant Roy (’94). Never mind Shobha is waiting to give you a Red carpet welcome.

Himanshu or more popularly Sinha; The Big B?? (Confused) of our Batch. As Hitler was to Jews, so was Himanshu to girls. But alas he succumbed to the charms of kalimaa / Matiz (Gargi). Sinha we guess you remember why you named her Matiz.

Ranjan the modern Kamdev, he trusts none but his own divine hand. He plans to rewrite Kamasutra with his experiences. But all ’95 guys admire him for his balls (joking!) as he is living with hydrocel. Ranjan tried his luck with Sanyukta, Par jab daal nehin gali to Ranjan Bola "Bihar mein dekh lenge". Ranjan, get yourself operated at RKM.

That was all we could manage for today. But hey! Don’t be disheartened.

Guys and Gals! We did not miss you out. There is still to come. We will be back tomorrow with ideas up our sleeves if we are spared alive. Till then, curse us or enjoy us.

Day four

Today is the last day of RACAF. Our journey of witnessing SONABYSS together comes to an end today. Over the years we have been witnessing six RACAFs, everything has changed since then, from events to the technology that drives them. We have seen people, life styles and cultures of which we were about.

But , we have been incorrigible as always in pulling your legs and showing you down. Even today, believe us, we are not here to spare you. Now we shoot at those we were lucky to be spared off our sights on the first three days.

Deka or kaalia as called by girls has tried all available potions from fair and Lovely to some latest injections in fairness technology. He has only one partner who matches his match and that is none other than Padmaja. The saying goes that when Padmaja and Deka dated each other nobody even saw them as they both as both are invisible after dusk. Only on reaching the gates of Eden did Deka asked Padmaja Padmaja jara hasom yaar, taaki log hamein dekh sake. Deka tried his luck with Rashmi but on the very first day of his misadventure he landed with two packs of cigarettes to cry upon. Deka ever since have been hoping for better opportunities.woo his lady love ."Deka remember you are sill 733 days not out after a perfect duck (2nd Nov,1998)".

Haily or hailys comet is the guy who knows only one thing HELP others out .He has been like a big brother to Block B’ians and even cleaned their bathrooms and syntex tanks. He never misses an opportunity to impress upon girls.

Barnali Sharma the checkmate resembles a tortoise in everything she does. Romantic at heart she even scribbles a card full of film songs to send to her boy friend. Barnali has a huge fan following. Pradyut was first stung with her charms and then one Ashwini(91) who could manage to reach her knees in height. Ashwini’s maina (our Barnali) has topped the charts, be it studies, height, weight or grace!!

Dipan is the perfect timer for block-G. He is very possessive about Sapna, even about the food she eats. He doubts every hoipolloi who speaks to her and fights all the way from morning till night. He had taken very good care of her during the training period and fed her with everything from tiger prawns to anything he could lay hands on ( no pun intended).

Urbashi has always been proud of her height ( White pigmy, four feet ten inches only.) Never will you find her in slippers. She has been merciless on Hindi and every word that she utters in Hindi has pushed the language a feet deep into the grave. Sanyukta’s Hindi is also spoiled in association with her. She always says dhup mein niklne se kola ho jaungi. No doubt that she is a good cook but her appetite for eggs had run the stocks at Nirjuli low. She has recently enrolled in the NERIST Petli association and is an ardent fan of Jaggu (Jagit Singh). Anyone who listens to her favourite songs is sure to fall asleep within minutes.

Amrit or Haju 1008 is perhaps the greatest chatu of our batch. .When he starts his( chatu) conversation with anyone the guy or gal is sure to get atleast a week of sleepless nights. He came to NERIST with a framed photo of his girlfriend which he kept on his table and used to light inscent sticks in front of her daily. But when humiliated by Ranjan and his group he removed the photo He had his eyes on Ruchi but after the 2K Batch joined NERIST he has trained his eyes on Chandrabani. Amrit do you think, you can handle her? Amrit has bought his computer, thanks to Kaushik Dutta who was his roommate at Block-E. Kaushik was once heard saying Amrit ne to mujhe kahin ka nahi chora, Amrit aab tera kya hoga.

Raja can be better termed as gaja. He was almost invisible during his early days in NERIST but rocketed to stardom when Aditi joined NERIST. He was more social before but now he is more unsocial( Anti-social ) animal. Raja is now a days too busy, his roommate says that Raja can be seen in the hostel before 7.30 A.M and after 7.30 P.M. He is the new epitome of Pucca joru ka gulam, and the sole member of ASTHA( Association of Students Tortured and Humiliated by Aditi). He always boasted of his relationship with Aditi as FRIENDSHIP ???!!! Only God knows what it is. Raja try to get out of your painful melodramatic hooks.

Gargi, the kali ma would go out in dates with all and sundry as soon as she landed here. She, with her highly made up looks failed to hook anyone except Himanshu who was bowled over by her shrieks on stage (Kachhe Dhage). They now have become a like father like daughter pair. Nice, na?

Jai Shankar has done all he could to win Sumitra from roses to trying out his luck in singing. But all in vain. He was the major cause behind making Sumi the Rose Queen last RACAF. The heavy expenses that he had to bore depleted his economy so much that now a days he has switched from SOCO to Apung. Jai itna dukhi mat ho yaar, tera bhi waqt aayega.

Kamalesh the Bagha bain of 95 has inherited his talent of playing drums from his fore-fathers. According to him his grandpa used to play dhol , his father, the tabla and himself on our ear drum. He longed for the company of girls in NERIST, which Sharmita satiated with bhai- bon- shit. Ever Since he has Scratched his head and scribbled on paper useless nothings called songs. He was banished from Block E for inhumane torture due to his tuning of vocal chords with honey and ginger. Block F ians are also pareshan with this.

Shantanu or more popularly Bappa, believes in the dictum Daaru bina chain kaha re. He was gifted with a set of wine glasses for his b’day by his girl friend which exponentially increased his rate of intake.

Thakur believes more in cricket than in books. He has led the NERIST cricket team for more devastations than triumphs. When in class does not spares the teachers with his long chatu questions. Aab to itna chatna chor de Thakur. Recent report say that he is trying his level best to woo his lady love (Monolina).

Nitish belives in only one Niti i.e. he is all knoeing and all othrers are fools. He is a great fan of Adolf Hitler though he doesnot posses any of his qualities. After Sus… rejected him he and Chitra Sen have found US RS (Union of Students Rejected by Sus…). He has used Kaushik’s computer to see his choicest XXX films and beats up Kaushik regularuy.He is a nightmare to the 99 batch in Block D.

Pradyut or Padu believes in the theory Pehle Bhaiya phir saiyaan. He tried all his wits with Barnali from chess to anything he could think of. After Barnali gave him a cold shoulder he turned his eyes on Rashmi (!!) Whom he claims to be just a friend. Deka, be aware of your rivals.

Arijit alias Style bhai 95 is a oh! Chochweet guy! A darling of every one he is attached and yet detached. He may forget his copy or pen in the hostel but never his umbrella, comb and the photo chromatic glasses. After all dhoop mein niklu to complexion ki chutti ho jati hain. Although a staunch believer in slow and steady wins the race. He is ace enough to pace with the howlers ( read singers) in NERIST with his set of drums.

Debi Prasad or debi has been the angry young man of Block E. He had fits of love for Shreyashi ever since she joined NERIST. He had gone to such extent in her love that he even feigned illness for going to see her at RKM when she was admitted and even had to get himself pushed with Decadrom. Debi that’s too heavy a price be cautious next time..

Wrentz has such a good collection of slangs that Oxford Dictionary have approached him for editing a new dictionary of slangs. When he smells alcohol, he loses his senses and breaks everything right from doors to floors.

Surasen the direct decendent of Tansen was anaspiring sonin law for Daisy’s mother. On receiving a phone he went call he went even upto receive Daisy in the wee hours of a chilly morning (with a quilt wrapped around). Some people can go to real extent !, oops! Daisy however had something else in mind and gave him a cold shoulder. He later found an oasis in the desert in Sharmita. He always prefers light coloured underwears matching his complexion. Asursen always prefers to browse the net in the privacy of Sharmita at Naharlagun.