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Slogans of Love

1. Want to propose to a girl------ Just do it (Nike).

2. Before going to propose to a girl------ Believe in the best (BPL).

3. If you are hesitating in proposing to a girl ------ Vicks ki goli lo, khich- khich door karo (Vicks).

4. If you are going to propose to a girl, chances are------ 50-50 (Britania).

5. If the girl slaps you when you propose------ Take it easy (Limca).

6. Those who succeeded in love, always say------ We dream because we do. (Daewoo).

7. If someone wants to write a letter to his girl friend------ Likho script apna apna. (Rotomac).

8. If you love someone------ Go; get it (Visa Power).

9. A boy riding a bike with the neighbor’s girl on it------ Neighbor's envy owner's pride. (Onida).

10. Not satisfied with your dates------ Yeh dil mange more (Pepsi).

11. A guy having a number of girlfriends------ Complete man (Raymonds).

12. A smart girl having a number of boyfriends------ Yeh hai hamara suraksha chakra (Colgate).

13. For those lost in love------ Har sham ka sathi, mein aur mera (Bagpiper).