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Effects of the Unnatural Sex Ratio in NERIST

"Birds of the same feather flock together." This is the common proverb that we know. Here in NERIST the proverb needs a little modification to make proper sense. The adapted version should be, "birds of the same feather flock together around ONE of another."

At any time of the day or night, there are at least seven (7) boys who are either thinking/dreaming or silently admiring a single girl. Some fortunate ones have their RBC count (romantically bent chaps) as high as twenty (20)!! Even the less fortunate ones have a minimum count of four (4). These statistics are however gathered from unreliable sources and inaccurately calculated. Darwin would have been glad to see his theory of natural selection at its best carried out here. Here, people don't compete for grades but for girlie attention. This competition is however healthy that has added a charm and excitement to many guys' and gals' otherwise mundane lives.

This race has added to the prosperity of the area, both economically and socially. Firstly, the Telecom department has made a fortune out of the calls made to block G. Some guys have even got a personal phone installed in their rooms due to overcrowding at the block phones. If someone wants to ring up the Girls' hostel and he does not have the phone key then all he has to do is somehow press the 'redial' button. 9 out of 10 times, the number re-dialed will be 257565. The gift shops around the campus begin their day by praying to Cupid, the god of love. On an average a girl gets at least 20 birthday cards and a dozen of cards for all the other festivals and occasions. On Valentine's day, the shopkeepers offer sacrifices to St. Valentine for his prudence in creating such a profitable occasion. The sacrifices are the hearts of the poor frustrated one sided lovers who spend their precious little pocket money in buying gifts and cards for a girl who won't ever give them a second thought.

If you missed a class/lecture you can be sure to get the best notes from a girl who had also bunked the class/lecture. How?? If a dame misses a class, she has at least five (5) well wishers offering her revised (and re-revised) class notes in impeccable handwriting. If a guy misses a class then he has to go hunting (literally) for even the most decrepit notes, for which he has to do quite a bit of persuasion (read 'moderate begging').

A girl slips in the bathroom and gets bruised and its instant news. The next day the girl goes to class, she has everyone inquiring if she is feeling better and offering her all sorts of solicited /unsolicited advice on every kind of arcane (allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic) treatment. A guy breaks his leg and everyone just says "Oh! So unfortunate".

How does all these affect the boy/girl? For the girl it gives a sense of being wanted, which makes her happy. Most of the girls have a cheerful and smiling countenance. For the boy it is a race in which he has to excel in order to be noticed by his beau. Some people go to great lengths for the purpose. He is mostly stressed, soulful and frustrated. No wonder why we have so many members in FOSLA.

As a footnote I would like to add a word of caution or respite all those people who esteem themselves too highly or lowly owing to this Unnatural sex ratio.

"NERIST is not the end of the world nor is it necessary to be worried about the imbalance. By the year 2020 A.D. women will outnumber men six (6) to one (1). Someone else will then write again on the same topic but from the opposite angle. Just wait 'n' watch."