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From the wisest one's desk

        It has been a privilege to compile and edit for you the electronic version of the Sonaquips. Our articles and chit-chats will create a simulation of the Millenium RACAF in your mind. Most of  the names in the articles may be new to you, visualise them as the most popular guys and gals of your time and enjoy.  I thank  you all  for sending me your suggestions and responses about the electronic Sonaquips. I also thank Mr. A.K Mall, lecturer (Ec Dept.) who is the incharge of the E.T Cell for helping us in all  possible ways he could. We are grateful  to Dr. Sanjay (Physics Dept.), Chairman Gymkhana for encouraging us in our endeavour. I hope our sincere attempts to bring you closer through this e-Sonaquips   will be a success