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Yesterday, MILLENIUM SONABYSS was inaugurated with great extravaganza. The stage set up was quite satisfactory(Cave come true). The water fall attracted us the most, the water was so corrosive that the pipes started leaking. Thanx to the lighting in-charge, the lights surrounding the waterfall gave it a complete discotheque look instead of the scenic beauty that was supposed to be. The gap between the pillars and the roof was so small that our spies could not see it. Nilendu has successfully fooled the audience. Among the attractive packages was the Fashion show from G-hostel. All the girls in both the rounds were looking over made-up which made the crowd put-up. Really, the choreography by Ms. Sakanica is worth praising. Although the announcing started with effective voices of Mr. Mac and Ms. Aienla but ended with rough and boring voice of Mr. Piyush. It is assumed that the announcer should make the public dumbstruck but for Piyush it was just the opposite. It seemed that the crowd was the announcer.

Starting with the khidki khole troop the megataal ended with the aaila re football team. Block-A tried to show their dancing skills in the worst possible way. Block B over exaggerated their performance followed by the C-ians who tried to win the audience by bringing girls. Alas! they failed to catch the interest of the audience. D-ians introduced a new trend by dancing to the tune of a female voice. They can really bore people. Block-E final years were all over the stage with matkas in their heads and Apong in their stomach. F-ians as usual came up as eunuchs on the stage. Seems like Block-F is full of them.

This year ad-joints were pretty good. Block-A again  presented their Ram-Sita saga but this time it was different. Block-B was a complete bore. Thanx to Guru. C-ians managed to lure the audience with their chat masala. On second thoughts with their chat masala tasters courtesy Chon-Chon, Chow-Chow(Chandabani) and Noni(sana) were more alluring. Block-E guys by presenting the ad of Niloy CHADDI made it world famous. Our spies brought the news that the factory of this brand is in Block-F #35. Pratyush and Himanshu made best use of IT where they were able to attract e-buyers to buy their product.

The new event on the stage was the Female category Solo dance competition. Man, it was a tough and mind blowing one. Right after her presentation, Mallaya had an emotional break down. All her anger and frustrations were thankfully directed towards the audio panel.

Banashree was so cuuuute and sho sweet. A very breath-taking performance. Rinki from Block-C presented an exotic dance. A slight mistake in the last part of course is overlooked. Sushmita Saha (Block-D) had only her hand movements to offer. Neetu looked just like a puppet. Poor she, if only she knew she had two left feet. Oops! Rachel did it again. Do not repeat it next time……..PLIZ! Nilima performance was well but the electric panel could not manage to focus on her.

During Mime, Mallaya took out all her frustrations of Solo dance in this event by ending her life in her performance. Block-C participants are having acute problem as all their teeth have been removed by their so called dentist. Block-D brought the cricket Live on the stage between two arch rivals. Ayan Kar was finally the winner in his tussle with Murthy and won a girl-friend ( BK).