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Day one

Yesterday Pallab (’95) was eagerly waiting to have a cup of coffee with Smriti in the organizer’s stall but he had to share the same with Purbasha and Banani, as Smriti didn’t turn up fearing, she said " koi agar dekh lega, Sonaquips mein pol khol dega".

Anirban lately remembered of his rakhi sister Sharmita with whom he had a bitter relation few days back. She even tried to recognize the credibility of their long back relationship but an imported ‘sweater’ from Shillong as a gift to her made her sit with Anirban inside the auditorium sharing the spirit of "bhai-bon ship". He and Surasen created a lot of inconvenience to the volunteers for they booked a seat for Sharmita for nearly 4 hours. Anirban has a misconception that any girl will accept if he proposes. Wow! Such confidence. According to him, in the last freshers when he got up on the stage many girls FALL FOR him, so now he is scared to get on the stage.

With malice towards……

Love reforms. As evident from Bidhan’s affair with Daizy – the grass flower his latest love; he is a changed human being. No drinks, no hassles, no comments to anyone. Everything is attributed to Daizy. Shouting on the couple makes Bidhan the angry Bacchan of NERIST. And this very reason has alienated him from his friends. Of course Daizy is your love, they are not your enemies either.

An amusing incident was when Shamik was talking with R.Prasad outside the auditorium. An announcement was made asking Shamik to come immediately to the backstage. He went running only to be told by Durlav that R.Prasad is searching for him. Poor guy!

While Nivedita was on the stage singing "jane ja.." Jishu himself was shouting " Jishu, Jishu…". He provided his friends with cigarettes to do the same with him. In the late night, when he was under the control of "Bagpiper" he quoted " I wish I would have been there instead of Bhaskar.

On the other hand, Debashish (95) was found very happy coz he got to sit just behind Sushmita Saha. Pranoy who was in the seventh heaven, lost his spectacles in search of Aparna.

Ravi Shankar(’97 CE) was trying each and every wit to lure Keya’s attention towards him. He put on quite formal outfits to impress her( what’s his fault if his coat looks as it is attached to a hanger). But Keya could not even spare a moment to have a glimpse of him as Apurva was always beside her. ( tu jahan jahan rahegi, mera saaya sath hoga)

Banani, the heavy weight did a good job by helping Ajay Dhar who was trying to regain his identity after the public was having a gender confusion regarding him (reference Block-E megataal)

Yesterday we saw another dormant love affair. While Jaya (96) was performing "yeh ladka, hai Allah….." Nilendu really went Deewana after listening to her song. His comment "well! She has improved a lot. It was really good." When Jaya was asked the reason behind choosing the number, a shy reply came " my roommate selected it for her Jijaji". After a while Nilendu was found having a romantic chit-chat with Jaya.

Himanshu (96) has been stealing the show from the onset. A 007 dress code that he puts on every evening is an added advantage. By his authentic accompanying music, back

vocal and heartbreaking " hai apna dil to awara.." on mouth organ he tries to flatter the girls.

Shamik is nowadays very much concerned about joint in charge (Athonlu) in all respects. Maybe his inside love for her has got a chance to sprout out in this RACAF.

Pranjal got Nilima’s hair in his cup of tea at the organizer’s stall. WOW! What a benefit the customer getting a tip from the waitress!

Nivedita was found boasting of her beauty while reading Sonaquips. She said " dekha murgi ke aandon ko kitna pasand kiya jata hai".

Atanu (EC’97) was overwhelmed after Banashree accepted his proposal in the drama, he told " yaar usne mujhe drama me to pasand kar liya hai, ab mujhe hakikat mein uske sapno ka rajkumar banne se koi nahi rok sakta".

Kinghuk was very much excited seeing the girl he asked to sing with him on the stage in the female solo. He commented " we could have won the hindi duet if she would have agreed to sing with me".

Poor Kingshuk!!

Vivek patni was over heard saying angrily that "hame to apno ne loota, gairon me kahan dam tha… Yeh mere blockmates mere aur Monolina ke relationship ko kamyaab nahi hone denge. Dekhloonga sabko".

Mr. Manish Singh (I/C electrical) watched Mr.NERIST contest with close proximity. As a result of which he was hypnotized to that extent that he was found roaming in the block in the same uniform at 1:00 PM in the cold breezy night.

Day two

In Block E mega-taal Biplab Debnath(’95) was completely boozed on stage, he said that he was okay (!!) and even broke the Gin bottle on stage narrowly missing a mishap. Biplab sniff less today, will you!!

Ajay Dhar(‘95) made the greatest sacrifice of removing all the hairs on his body (don’t guess too much guys and gals!!). He smuggled in some hair remover from Milo (Which Milo imported from G), but the whole bottle ran short of removing even the quarter of his outgrowth. ‘95 guys have now decided to turn a blind eye to all the NERIST gals’ courtesy Ajay.

Atanu today went nuts and received many threatening calls from other guys, his ladylove(Purbasha) had transformed from an ugly duckling to the princess beautiful. Purbasha keep it up and you will certainly top the FOSLA Diary soon.

Bidhan Kar(’95) was in quiet a form yesterday, he managed a bike and made a dream come true by letting Daisy ride the wings of air. Well Bidhan be cautious about your wallet, which has already depleted and is now running low on fuel.

Banani, after her charming display has again won the heart of Arijit(’95), the poor lad is now in a fix whether to continue building castles on skimpy clothes or not. Arijit take care this time.

Deepali, Ketusiai, Riniya gave the ’95 guys a sigh of relief after they also sent shivers down spines of NERISTIAN’S with their glamour. The old age adage still holds "Old is Gold".

Bikash(Banana Bhaiya) shil(’96) is learning the English language very fast. He has already learnt all the four letter words in English and is graduating to three letter ones all under the expert guidance of David Tth.(’96).

Kingshuk requested a girl for a duet. But her refusal took him to Madhuri Wine shop and after that he bored everyone in the block with emotional songs. Somnath has become an apung tanki, as he was unable to book a berth in Arunima’s heart. Now he is seen daily in Shobha --- Shabab nahin to Sharab hi sahi.

Nitin’s chahat for Smriti has multiplied to such a great extent that he rings her up everyday but puts down the phone when she picks it up. Kya Nitin, pyar kiya to darna kya. Bibhash Sen is seen dancing in front of Block F’s overhead tank while taking bath. It seems his hangover from teaching the girls to dance, is on.

Piyush Kumar, the I/c Elocution was very soft towards his brother Neeraj – a participant of the Dumb Charade. Before, Bidhan (Neeraj’s Partner) could come out with the full answer Piyush declared it correct. When other teams protested Piyush went up to the extent of threatening them with disqualification. Despite all his attempts he could not help Neeraj. They had a tie with Amit and V.P. Singh and lost to them. We think that he was hopeful of winning with Piyush’s support but ultimately the team with the more brains and wits won.

Once upon a time, Shivaji and Kasturika were brother and sister. Shivaji was very possessive and caring that in the time of need, he gave her Rs. 500 as a token of love. Now after Kasturika has broken up with her boyfriend, Shivaji also broke up his brotherly relations with her. He even asked back his token of love.

Rishi Anand(’97), inspired his by hidden amour for Sandhya, is quiet determined to celebrate her birthday in RACAF even if it is months away. Reliable resources informed that he was seen buying a cake from South India Bakery. He repeatedly told Chetri(South India Bakery) that the cake should have lots and lots of cream.

Last night Nilendu(The man in black) was seen with Monideepa(The woman in black) at Ambrosia, enjoying coffee. Kya Nilendu, kabhi Jaya ke sath aur kabhi Monideepa ke sath. Itna, bhi mat phisal nehi to Coolie No: 1 wala case ho jayega.

After watching the sizzling performance by Ajay Dhar(’95) in Mega-taal, Purbasha whispered Banani- "Ajay da ka figure itna accha hai mujhe aaj pata chala". Kyon Purbasha, pehle kya sirf chehra dekhti thi? Ajay da, apke balon ke balidaan ne to kamal kar diya .


 Pallab after days of keeping his mouth shut regarding Smriti was heard saying on Rakshabandhan with a sigh – "Yaar biwi nehi to behen hi sahi". Bidhan starts his day uttering Soma and closes his eyes at the end of the day uttering Soma. This Soma is no other than our very own Daisy. Even in the Computer lab Bidhan names his C++ structures & classes as Soma. "Bidhan pehle bhikhari jaise rehta tha, par ab hero jaisa ghumta hai - kya yehi pyar hai". Bidhan is also reported to furnish his beloved’s desire by sending her cooked chicken from the mess. He now a days, suffers from both heart and respiratory problems in front of his love, when offered cigarettes or drinks by his friends. He also gave Daisy four-big-balloons during Durga–Puja."Hai koi uske jaisa dildar".

The Fiza fever did not subside as Aman (Surasen) held on Fiza (Sharmita). He was undertaking the characters of modern Ramayana in which bhabhi Sita (Sharmita) was being taken care of by Laxman (Sen) as Bharat (Anirban) and Satrughna (Kamalesh) kept looking on from the sidelines. To entertain her he gave her company from morning till 7:00 p.m. He was both bemused and amused with himselnf and his activities but at least he was keeping his promise made to Ram (Jayanta ’94) in what form so ever. Meanwhile Lav (Apurva) and Kush (Suman) also kept per time company of their mom. "Kaliyug ke Ramayan mein Sita banavas mein hi khush hai".

To become the winner of universal sister contest Miss Raka Dhar purchased a bag full of Rakhis during Raksha Bandhan and startded giving Rakhis to anybody she got hold of. Fed up of her RakhiKamur Debopriya Dhar, Nirupam Karmakar and some of her batch-mates have stopped loitering in front of the G-block. And today with a bunch of brothers, she the unrivalled champion of the contest. Additional to that we have been informed by the P.T.I. that next year all the Rakhi manufacturing companies have unanimously decided to launch a new brand of Rakhis named as RAKA – RAKHI.

On the Diwali day the two heavy weights of Fortress Eden were seen searching fresh Murgas with the headlight of their scooty. May god bless their scooty with a long life.

During her stay in Durga-Puja, Sanjukta was seen wearing some over fashioned dresses while visiting the Puja pandal which resulted to fast breathing of the guys standing there.

On one fine Thursday morning in the Chemistry Lab 2 Sujan Das and Arunima Chaterjee were found sharing the same pipette. We never know what kind of ‘Chemo-Love’ was that.

On the Diwali night the two tons of `98 & `95 batch were seen shouting some objectionable words(resembling to ‘custard’) through their windows.

On Sunday the 14th of October, three gals led by Purbasha Biswas coming from Doimukh, cautiously slipped into Sobha Hotel not knowing that the eyes of our millennium spy was following them. Now, after they had entered, one of the gals uttered in relief, "Chalo yaar! abhi jaldi jaldi khane pine ko kuch order karo aur jitni jaldi ho sake yahan se niklo". Later Purbasha added that, "Are yaar suna hai yahan ek naya ladies beauty parlor khula hai, kyon na main apne kale chehre pe thoda ujala kar loon. Waise bhi RACAF aa raha hai aur mere deewanon ki list choti hoti ja rehi hai".