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The stage I/C and his team took a lot of interest in the vital statistics of the statues and spent most of their time comparing them with the different heroines and different girls of block-G. In spite of all these distractions they ended up with a splendid stage, which everyone appreciated. The curtain raiser proved to be a cameo of the first night celebrations. The credit goes to stage, electrical and audio teams.

The Music I/Cs having nothing to do were the most well dressed group among all with even Nayan Jyoti(a boy with 50 K.G. weight and  five foot height)   sporting a tie and a French cut beard. Pallab wearing a suit looked like the   Xerox copy of a mobile coat hanger.

It is a common opinion amongst everybody who has seen Room No: 8(venue of Photography Exhibition) that the photos have been excellently arranged and the decoration is out of the world.

Niloy Das the J I/C of both Writer’s Forum and Photography club is so busy that he can give time to the clubs only when the I/Cs are distributing Coupons and money for the refreshment.

Hobby club I/C Amit Singh, yesterday brought Nisha, Payal & Bratati saying that he wanted them to clean the Drawing Hall-I (Venue for Hobby Club). But the girls did nothing except giving Amit a bad case of Diabetes while a team of boys, some of them senior to the girls had to do all the shifting and cleaning." Kyon bee Amit, ek to tu haad maans ka dhancha hai aur upar se chini khane se bhi baz nahin aata hai? Jyada chinikhori mat kar varna woh bhi nahin bachenge. Aur upar se tu aapne dost chair I/c ki GF pe haath mar raha hai."

Nivedita and Arunima have found a new way of dishing out chini to their admirers. They were seen distributing lollipops to their admirers and group mates.

**Hot, straight from our correspondent in G block: -Do you know that Nivedita’s favorite past time is counting her admirers from each batch and listing them in order of preference. Nivedita, hamara koi chance hai kya.

The Audio Panel hanged a big notice that no one other than the members of the Audio Panel is allowed to enter. But it was seen the panel was always surrounded by a bunch of guys and gals (Amit Sharan, Rachael etc.) who had nothing to do with the Audio. So, Parikshit what were they doing there (?!) Are you trying to use them as a shield to save yourself in case of a mishap? Or you have started the business of providing love nests for the Heer-Ranjhas of NERIST. 

While the writers' forum members were having a tough time. For the first page to be printed out of the cyclostyle machine more than 100 papers were wasted. All the TWO members were in panic searching other alternative of printing. Further just after the first day the motor of the cyclostyle machine got damaged and the rest of the copies were taken out by rotating the handle manually.