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The other day I was chatting with my friends over a cup of coffee, when suddenly the quietest of us popped the question "where are all the good guys in NERIST? "Of course, it was a silly one but it was the truth. A similar statement was made by another friend "Interesting guys don’t exist in NERIST anymore." No offense Guys, but they are right! Many a time I have asked myself if my expectations are too high. I have asked my single friends whether they set their standards too high. And every time the answer is the same- the fault is not in us but in the other sex. So we sat down and started analyzing what exactly is the problem with the guys. Some guys are there who don’t bother to keep fit or dress up unless they want to be models or they have interest in a particular lady. How are we going to take note of you till you groom yourself? There are also guys who are good-looking with good physique but then they have nothing else to talk about except their dumbbells, not mentioning the extra tightening and moving of their arms and chest every time you look at them. Well, we call them "BIG MOOSE." Some guys are very good to talk to, they have all the good words and are fluent with the language and it is not our fault that they cannot help stop showing off their stylish English accent and vocabulary. Talk about first impression being the last impression. It is also noted that NERIST guys are very dimwitted where manners are concerned. They are boorish and have this opinion that offering chairs, holding door open for girls is sissy. Well, you do not look manly either when you go on puffing those smoky cancer-sticks or come intoxicated with the tipsy look. That takes care of the smell every time we pass a guy. Despite all this, we are branded as haughty and egoist. We of course know that grapes are sour. What do you say Adam?


My! My! My! first of all let us make something clear. Do you want a real guy or do you want a Glad rags Manhunt winner. You want a guy to dress right, talk right, look right, be well mannered and also be a nonsmoker and a teetotaler to boot. Come on girls get real. This is not an M & B novel where each of you will have a prince charming who is tall dark handsome and courteous. Neither are you people the sleeping beauties that you think you are. You have accused us of showing off our muscles in front of the girls but you also feel much more comfortable in figure hugging T-Shirts and jeans where as the converse is normally true. You girls keep on harping about equality for women and still you expect us to open doors and hold out chairs for you. Frankly speaking we think that you people want both sides of your bread buttered. We agree that some of us smoke and booze. We do not offer any excuses for it but does smoking make a person bad or are you much more interested in outer beauty than in the inner one? It’s not only us who have a penchant for showing off our proficiency in English you people also have the same disease. You say that you are branded as haughty and egoistic, maybe the facts we have mentioned above will tell you why. And girls there are right guys in NERIST, you only have to got to change your glasses. But now, after the ramp show it has been conclusively proved that you girls are the biggest hypocrites in the world. You spoke about showing off but look who is showing off now. You sport four figure dresses and all this by preying on poor, innocent guys and sucking them dry of their funds like leeches. You talk about equality but when it comes to paying the bills all you have to give is a constipating smile and it’s the poor guys privilege(?) to pay the bills. What do you have to say to that?????