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Come one and all NERIST veterans and be a part of the Sonaquips right from your desktop.

      "The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step"--  so says an old Chinese proverb. Right from the inception of NERIST, RACAF with its zany madness and Sonaquips with its witty riposte ' have been a very  important part of the RACAF extravaganza. And now we the '96 batch cyberage kids have decided to add a new chapter to the Sonaquips dedicated to the NERIST community worldwide. Put your thinking caps on and send us your wonderful experiences both in NERIST as well as outside. Your memories, love stories, love triangles and other interesting literal contributions would add to the value and popularity of the Sonaquips. Further from the 2nd of November 2000 onwards our e-Sonaquips would be available with its daily issues for the days of the RACAF in this site. Your suggestions would encourage our efforts.

        To send literal contributions click here.(mail box:      

       Note: Every contributions should be followed by the name, email ID and batch of  the sender.