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Tonight is the night. For the record, the begining of the new millenium. (Was 0 the first year, or was it 1?). Whatever, Rajarshi is busy putting up the banner, Dharmesh (Loy's ex-roommate extends a sticky hand. Can you trace the silloute of DJ L'Roy doing a sound check . Monjit, Dhruba, Rajarshi, Dharmesh... everybody extended their helping hands and heads...Guess what happens when all the engineers try to figure out how to put the decorations. Anyway, I was amazed to see Raj and Monjit blow those balloons. Honestly, I didn't expect much after their smokeout sessions. You would think you are inside a steam engine. Now every thing is ready and the party people take a pose and say "cheese". LeftToRight zami (Engedy's firend) Himadri (87), Baby Vegan (Himadri and Engady's baby in Monjit's lap), Engedy (87), Monjit (86) , Debanjana (Monjit's wife), Digboloy (86) (a.k.a Loy: Trying to jump up from behind), Kaushik (88), Xufy (86), Rajarshi (86), Ram (Meghali and Deepak's friend), Meghali (87), Deepak (Meghali's hubby), Dharmesh (Loy's ex-roomie), Shalmi (Kaushik's wife), Dipanita (Loy's wife), Pooja (86), Baby Rahul (Raj and Pooja's son) and with the camera Dhruba (87) (too bad you can't see him).

I think you are straining too hard to peek at the faces. Ok! a closer look at the guys: (L-R) Ram, Rajarshi, Deepak, Dharmesh, Monjit and Himadri. Now the ladies:- (L-R) Dipanjana, Pooja, Engedy, Meghali and Shalmi More lovely ladies are yet to show up...(wink).

With the bartender (Raj) special, martini, everybody is enjoying. (L-R) Raj, Dhruba, Kaushik and Monjit. Actally, there are more than them in the picture ;-). With great music, *lighting*, and food and drinks everybody is having a good time. Here is another glimpse of Loy's basement. (L-R) Himadri (banging his head against the wall, trying to get a monitor working), Sunil (Loy's friend ), Loy, Ram, the bartender Raj (look his sharp eyes), Deepak, Xufy, Montil, Engedy and Dhruba's camera.

Those who want to have a good time doesn't need Himadri'a hard disk. We present the dancing damsels : Shalmi, Dipanita, Engedy, Zami and Vegan.

Its is late into the evening, Sufi (© Raj) no-drink-no-smoke Xufi telling good old day tales to Deepak (who does not drink), Engedy though distracted but still continues her dance; In the background Dhruba and Dharmesh is mood-building: Dhruba is almost there. Little Rhia cannot be more happy, she just found a new friend Shalmi. I am impressed by her energy and enthusiasm. You should have seen her organizing the musical chair.

Though it the one and only game played, it brought lots of laughter and fun. The prize money kind of screwed things up; Dhruba had to cheat and win; But he was too merry to claim the prize, so Himadri is "safe-keeping" it. Hopefully, next time Raj would contribute more than a quarter to the prize booty.

Ok! its midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY. Raj is pouring the champagne and everybody is downstairs. Can you find Aarshi (Monjit and Deebanjana's daughter)? I am sure this will be a big year for Meghali.

So how do we start the new year. How about karoke. Raj, Kaushik and Himadri and the sound station. "Fir wahi raat hai...." brought to you by Monjit (director), Dhruba and Raj, Loy (stage manager). Who can stop from having fun at such a happy hour (indeed! Ask Dhruba). Engedy joins Raj with "Yeh dunia bhula doonga...". DJ L'Roy is happy, everything has been a clockwork.

In few hours it will be daylight. Cameraman Loy with Kaushik, Maast-Dhruba and Maast-Raj. Do you see the new year in their eyes?

Photosession: Ladies first: (L-R) Debanjana, Savita (Loy's neighbour), Shalmi, Dipanita (peeking), Engedy, Kala (wife of Loy's friend Sunil), Meghali, Sunil. Now everybody: (L-R) Loy, Dharmesh, Monjit, Meghali, Dhruba, Debanjana, Raj, Pooja, Shalmi, Xufy, Engedy, Dipanita, Deepak, Zami, Himadri, Ram. Once again in case we misplaced someone: (L-R) Loy, Monjit, Dharmesh, Meghali, Dhruba, Shalmi, Kaushik, Pooja, Raj (head peeking out of Pooja's lap), Engedy, Dipanita, Xufy, Zami, Deepak, Himadri, Ram.

Very tired. Boots up. Kaushik, Loy, Dhruba, Xufy and Raj in the livingroom.

Its time to say good night or good morning. Last moments together. Every couple pair up: (L-R) Pooja-Raj, Loy-Dipanita (rather her nose), Dharmesh-Ram (they did not have a choice), Deepak-Meghali, Xufy-Zami, Himadri-Engedy, Debanjana-Monjit, Kaushik-Shalmi.

Before parting, how about just the ladies together: Pooja (86), Dipanita, Meghali (87) , Engedy (87) , Debanjana, Shalmi, Zami. Now how about just the gents: Monjit (86), Dharmesh, Loy (86), Ram, Deepak, Xufy (86), Raj (86), Himadri (87), Kaushik (88), Dhruba(87). Good morning and Happy New year 2001.