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Batch Related Information

Website's list of NERIST alumni
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  • 86 batch  
  • 87 batch  
  • 88 batch  
  • 89 batch  
  • 90 batch  
  • 91 batch  
  • 92 batch  
  • 93 batch  
  • 94 batch  
  • 95 batch  
  • 96 batch  

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    Other resources:
    86 Batch:
  • 86 list  This list was compiled by Bijoy Bora.

  • 93 Batch:
  • 93 list  This is modified from the pages provided by Moyukh Goswami and Amit Paul. The original was quite pretty but was rather large. I had to strip down a lot of formating. This will be rather easy to edit.
  • Keep in Touch Moyukh and Amit's original creation. The feedback form will not work. I can't put cgi scripts in this site.