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Beyond the horizon

Hello friends, We are from NERIST (North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Arunachal Pradesh) and this page is the meeting place to share our thoughts, help each other and keep in touch among ourself.  




There is a very famous song by Tagore, which translates into "How will we ever forget our old days; Whose memories still linger in our hearts; So let us again come together O dear friend; let us again talk about those happy and melancholic moments; And fill our hearts with joy".

After the six long years of stay in NERIST, living as family, the above lines perhaps describe our innermost feelings.

It was one fine day we got together to start this voyage on the ship known as NERIST. The ship sails on but our ports have arrived and we have to disembark.

Our hearts are filled with joy for we have achieved our goals; But how can we deny the pain we feel because we have to part from our dear ones, so dear that it will be never possible to forget them and the moments shared.

So with the motto of ‘Never say Good Bye’ let us promise to meet again on 25th September 2005, India Gate at 10:00AM and rekindle those golden moments again.

Be there!



By then just be KEEP IN TOUCH.